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Bloody Mary Mixes
"Yeah fill it up, throw it down
I got a little hungover; still hanging around
Yeah that HAIR OF THE DOG is howling, 'hey there man'
All you got to do is put a drink in my hand"

--Eric Church,
Lyrics from "Drink in My Hand"
SERRANO BLOODY MARY MIX                                         
Our Serrano Bloody Mary mix is available in 28 oz. bottle
  A classic with a kick! This great mix infuses serrano chiles, garlic, lime, onion and tomato to make a "WOOF"in' good BLOODY MARY: chunky, fresh, spicy and delicious.

..."and a hostess takes our order
Coffee, tea or something stronger
to start off the day
Well, it's a BLOODY MARY morning..."

--Willie Nelson
Bloody Mary Morning