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Home Grown Salsa and Mixes
All Salsas available in 16 oz jars
We use FRESH, NATURAL  "HOME GROWN"  ingredients in all of our salsas. Whether you are looking for a salsa that has the perfect "taste without the torture", or you want something with a big "BITE", Hair of the Dog, Inc. salsas deliver.

Award Winning ORIGINAL "HOME GROWN" SALSA                 
Award Winning HABANERO (XXX HOT) SALSA                      
Our Original Salsa has that "Home Grown" taste with just the right "BARK" to satisfy your salsa cravings.  Awarded "Honorable Mention" by the Celebrity Food Judges, Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival.
Our Habanero Salsa has a delicious flavor and delivers the HEAT without sacrificing the great taste. You'll be "GROWL"ing for more.  Awarded "Honorable Mention" by the Celebrity Food Judges, Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival.
   Original SALSA RANCHERA                                           
CHILI PIQIN  SALSA                                           
CHIPOTLE RANCHERA                                      
Our Chipotle Ranchera is reminiscent of the traditional ranch-style sauce, with a smokey flavor. Typically served warm and possessing a thick, soupy quality, we think you will be "BARK"ing to make this salsa your go-to sauce for your queso, fried eggs, and all your favorite Mexican dishes.
Home Grown Salsas
DIY Salsa Mixes
Ready-to-make salsas available in 3 oz bags. Bags make up to 32 oz of fresh salsa, depending on desired heat level.
You can now make our 100 YEAR OLD FAMILY RECIPE fresh at home! Hand smash 28 oz. whole peeled tomatoes (make sure your paws are clean). Add 15 oz. crushed tomatoes, 2/3 cup favorite beer and water to our Original Salsa Ranchera Mix and you will have a thick, rich topping for your tacos, tostados, enchiladas or other favorite Mexican dishes.
Make your own FRESH salsas using Phydeauxs' Phenominal 
Salsa Mixes!!
Simply add our dry salsa mix with 1-2 pounds fresh (or 16-32 oz. canned, whole peeled) tomatoes* in a blender (not food processor) for 6-7 seconds.
Phydeaux prefers using 28 oz can whole peeled tomatoes which will produce 1 and a half pints of salsa.

*more tomatoes = less heat; less tomatoes = more heat